If you are located in the Pacific Northwest, you know about the heat wave we’ve been having. Our current living situation (more details coming soon!) has AC (thank GOD) so we’ve been able to cope with this heat. Many of you may not have AC- When it’s hot it’s a good idea to get outside and find water. There are a lot of amazing water hikes in Oregon but, I do have a favorite when you need to escape the heat: Cape Lookout.

I love everything about the Cape Lookout hike (especially in the heat). It’s a very easy hike. Easy hikes are good in extreme heat because you won’t overextend yourself.  It has some of the best views I’ve ever seen. You will find dramatic coastline views. I’ve even seen sea lions, coastal birds, and WHALES! You can’t beat a hike with whales can you? The hike is also (obviously) on the coast which usually is cooler than the Willamette valley. Next time you are trying to beat the heat or just want a stunning coastal hike. Try Cape Lookout. I promise you will love it.

My Tips to Enjoy Cape Lookout:

  1. Bring a Camera!
  2. Bring a snack/lunch and enjoy on the beach once the hike is over.
  3. Do some research to see what types of wildlife may be in the area during your hike (late March- June is prime whale spotting time. Estimated 18,000 gray whales pass the Oregon coast during their migration in that period). Bring binoculars if you have them!
  4. Stop by the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a post hike ice cream.
  5. Be prepared. It takes about 1.5 hours from Portland to reach the trailhead
  6. Wear SPF- many portions of the trail are exposed to direct sun all times of the year.
  7. Bring friends, family or pets. This is a very easy and pet friendly hike. Perfect for out of towners- first time hikers, etc.

Cape Lookout Cape Lookout Cape Lookout Cape Lookout Cape Lookout


Rachel xo

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  1. Meghan says:

    NICE!! Great post! I am going to Oregon for a week next month and I am definitely needing to find some spots to hike with my boyfriend. He has a light disability so I’m always looking for hikes that are relatively easy. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Meghan | BeyondBasicBlog.com

  2. Erin says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve never done this one sadly but I love the idea of some whale watching while hiking!

  3. Mike C says:

    This hike looks awesome, great photographs too. I carrying more camera than water on my hikes…

  4. Chloe says:

    I’ve always wanted to do this hike! Looks awesome!!

  5. Create/Enjoy says:

    Yes!! We did Cape Lookout earlier this year I think and loved it! We did see a whale! Great photos! I’m with you on escaping the heat at the amazing coast!

  6. Cassandra says:

    I adore Oregon hiking! This one looks gorgeous!

  7. Rachel Lynn says:

    oh my god, those views look stunning! Oregon has always been a place I wanted to travel to and this post is really inspiring me to start planning a trip!

  8. I haven’t been to Cape Lookout in so long. Thank you for reminding me about how gorgeous it is there! Beautiful photos, and great helpful tips!

  9. Monica Louie says:

    Adding this to our list of hikes to try for next time we go to the coast! My family and I love hiking together, and we can’t do too long of hikes yet since we have two little ones. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Wow!!! What a gorgeous view and I love the idea of bringing food. I always forget to do that and we are all starving once we hit the top- ha!

  11. Chelsea says:

    This hike looks beautiful! I live in Vancouver BC, so not super far from Oregon. Def going to add this to my to-do list for our next trip!

  12. I love visiting Cape Lookout. I used to live just down the beach from it in the summers, back when my dad directed Scout camp, and we hike it often.

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