Fall is the perfect time to be outside. Anyone in the Pacific Northwest knows fall reigns supreme. The sunny days are becoming few and far between. A beautiful Saturday was in the forecast so we planned a trip to the Mt Hood National forest. My great friend Kelsey is an avid hiker so finding a hike neither of us had done was a challenge, but we found one. Tamanawas Falls.

The Hike:

First off, It’s a quick 3.4 mile journey at the backside of Mt Hood. The hike is easy and well suited for beginners. It also a good bang for your hiking buck. The scenery is rather beautiful for not much sacrifice. Even though Kelsey and I have traveled many hikes in the area, we both were struck by the beauty of this hike.

One thing I remember about this day, neither of us brought our quality camera. To be honest, I don’t regret leaving my camera behind. You can feel this “pressure” of getting great shots when you carry a camera. A hike can turn into a chore or job. I felt a sense of freedom to enjoy the hike to the full capacity. Being present in the moment is important to me. With everything going on in the world these days- it’s a sigh of relief to “disconnect.” Get out into nature and leave the stress of life behind. I can still smell the scent of pine and the deep breaths of fresh mountain air. Those moments propel me when I’m back at my desk crushed by email.

Most of all, enjoy those moments, get outside, spend time with friends who make you a better person. Enjoy the life you lead without feeling glued to the digital. I can’t recommend Tamanawas Falls enough. It’s scenic, its a beautiful drive by Mt Hood, and its great to enjoy with loved ones.

Insider tips:

1. Enjoy lunch at Timberline Lodge on the way home.

2. The hike is dog/family friendly

3. Follow the highway into Hood River to breweries or the Fruit Loop.

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Love, Rachel xo

Explore: Oregon Hikes: Tamanawas Falls


  1. I love all the sun rays in your shots! You’ve perfectly captured a sunny fall day in Oregon!

  2. Libby says:

    This is beautiful and one of the Oregon hikes we haven’t done yet, but I’m adding it to my list! I love that it’s good for families too because we love to take our daughter along with us!

  3. Chelsea says:

    This looks like such a beautiful hike!!

  4. How beautiful! It looks like a gorgeous hike!

  5. Aunt mary ann says:


  6. Stunningly gorgeous! Your pics are truly beautiful…I feel like I’ve been to Tamanawas Falls…the water falls, sun rays and country views are incredibly amazing! Great tips if I’m ever able to go!

  7. catherine says:

    Wow, that does look like a beautiful hike, and I’ve never done this one, either. There are *so many* great hikes in our area. How are we so darn lucky?!

  8. These are gorgeous photos, and I’ve never done that hike either! I’ll have to take the kids on this one. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Val says:

    Gorgeous pics I love Oregon!

  10. Create/Enjoy says:

    We drove on the other side of Mount Hood this summer and it was so cool to see it from more angles! This sounds like a lovely hike!

  11. Dad says:

    The first one is money!

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